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Welcome to The Jazzy Heath Website! Here, you can find my latest news and what I have been up to on my social media sites. You can even subscribe to the website to get news sent straight to your email. Feel free to look around and enjoy. 

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Jazzy's Sponsored Haircut!

Hey Everyone!

I have been wanting to cut my hair into a pixie cut for a long time but I don't want it to be meaningless and my hair to go to waste because it is quite long and would be a waste. Therefore, I've decided that I am going to cut my hair off to raise money for The Earl Mountbatten Hospice, which is a charity that supports patines suffering from or who are affected by life-shortening illnesses. With the hair that is being cut off, I am going to have it made into a wig for people who do not have hair.

I am so excited about doing this and I hope to raise lots of money. If you'd like to support me in doing so, please give your money on this site: . I'd be so grateful. 

Thank you,

Jazzy xx

'Jazzy Heath' The New EP!

I am so excited to announce that my new EP, 'Jazzy Heath' is on sale now for only £2.00! 

This two track CD, consists of the songs 'Freedom' and 'My Spirit's Free', which give important messages through the lyrics about animal rights and bullying awareness. You can buy it on my Bandcamp page ( or if you message me privately, I can send you a physical copy. 

There are so many people I need to thank for making this happen. I mainly want to thank my mum Sally Heath, my auntie, who designed the artwork, Donna Heath, the guys from Skinny Mammoth Recording Studio, the guys from Studio 5a, Glyn Taylor and everyone else who contributed in some way to help create this product that I am so proud of.

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